Chic Politico Brand Ambassador PRogram

Who is a Chic Politico Brand Ambassador? 
A Brand Ambassador for Chic Politico is an unapologetically ambitious individual who loves our mission and wants to share our company and products with all their friends across multiple social media platforms. Our ambassadors maintain a positive social image for Chic Politico and are goal-oriented individuals. They have great style that reflects our fun and professional brand and they help keep the buzz going about Chic Politico!

How does it work?
As a Chic Politico Brand Ambassador, you will be the face and voice for our company in your sphere of influence. You will be involved in creating brand awareness and sales by promoting our products through various channels. To excel in this role, you will need excellent communication and networking skills and a strong presence on social media.

What's in it for me?
Each ambassador has the opportunity to earn free Chic Politico products in exchange for promoting our company on social media. Each ambassador will also be eligible to enter Brand Ambassador Only contests to win free products from Chic Politico! 

Brand Ambassadors will gain valuable experience as well. The experience that you gain from being a Chic Politico Brand Ambassador is a great resume & confidence builder. It shows you are passionate about a company's brand and vision and worked successfully to drive brand awareness, increase the number of customers, and engage users on social media. These skills are highly quantifiable & look great on paper!

Our Brand Ambassador program also allows participants an opportunity to craft social media posts and take photos/video for inclusion on our social media platforms & website. This is a great opportunity to be noticed by different audiences and help you grow as an influential leader in the political community. Plus, it will allow you to grow your social and professional network while also providing you with examples of your work you can show potential employers during your next job hunt.

As Chic Politico continues to grow, we will begin promoting our brand at conferences and events. When this time comes, we will be selecting representatives from our Brand Ambassadors to travel to these conferences and events to promote the brand and attract new customers. 

How do I apply?
Applications for the Chic Politico Brand Ambassador Program are being accepted now through November 18th.

Please click here to be taken to the application. 

Any additional questions can be directed to